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My name is Lisa Slack. I am twenty-two years of age. I have reddish brown hair, hazel like eyes, and I am 5'4. I am a big fan of slash fiction. My favorite thing to do is read. I also like to watch tv and go to movies.

I got my first userpic/icon at wonkaworld. I found the wed site while looking at loony_lucifer web site while looking around. I found it in the links page. So I would like to thank both of them. I got my second two form Sliver of Ice.And I got my last two from Penumbris. I just got seven more Icon and they all where created by missjade29. I got my icons of Edgerton from misty_anne and I would like to thank her for making them. I got my Alexander Anderson(Hellsing) form romancandle. The animated ones ones of Adam/Peter(Heroes) I got form Lidi and the non-animated ones I got form yo_mawari Both of my colorbars are form rosengirl

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